Why English Wines?

I could say “why not English wines?”, but maybe a bit of background would help…

I’m a member of a wine-tasting group in Guildford, which is very sociable and I’ve learned a lot. I’m probably the least knowledgeable and to me it’s a relaxation from a busy day job. We used to have a teacher (the famous Michael Schmidt) but now often run our own tastings.

Several times when it’s been my turn to organise a blind tasting I’ve enjoyed flummoxing the team with English wines, with even the really clever ones not guessing the country of origin after several wines. This extended to serving English wine to friends, at least one of whom was astounded with the quality and said the wine was truly delicious and they had previously given up drinking wine as they thought it was so terrible (Annie’s Anniversary from Camel Valley was that particular wine, for the record).

So, enjoying wine, combined with a strong inclination to support local businesses and people who work with a passion to fulfil their own dreams, but make something lovely for the rest of us at the same time is a big part of it. All this together with a good excuse to explore and see more of the countryside led to the new year’s resolution to visit 10 English vineyards this year.

This blog is a record of my findings, for my own enjoyment and I hope to share some enthusiasm and great wine, of course, with anyone who would like to join the journey. Welcome!